Silentblok spodního ramene polyurethan

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Lower arm top hat bush in poly to fit all lower arms with twin taper as standard from 1965. Mini Spares have upped the game once again with these superbly finished bushes which surpass anything on the market. Fitted with a metal bush insert these are made in black poly. Through testing we found that bushes perform better when fitted with a sleeve, maybe thats why BMC/Leyland fitted them. Priced and supplied individually but two per arm are required.For cars where geometry modifications have been carried out such as adjustable tie bars or lower arms our angled type ultimate rubber bush should be used, which stops the undirect loading received on the bushes especially when camber and caster angles have been corrected. See C-STR632.

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Silentblok spodního ramene polyurethan

60,00 67,00  vč. DPH (-10%)

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