Náboj kola konverze na 8.4″ brzdové kotouče

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This drive flange fits all cars fitted with 8.4″ disc brakes except Turbos. Originally intended to use 12″ wheels it is an integral part of the front suspension. Sold singly 2 required per car. In addition to providing the connection between the axle and the wheels (thus the term „drive flange“) it also provides the outer thrust surface for the wheel bearings. This is the main area for concern with the flange. If the bearings are allowed to work loose, or simply just wear out, the inner race of the bearing will spin and wear a very machined groove into the drive flange. The groove worn into it is typically so well machined that it is often overlooked and assumed to be as manufactured. In extreme cases the internal splines may also slip, allowing the CV joint to spin freely. Quality made in EN24 by Minispares from 11th May 2005. The standard material type in EN8 is available as 21A2695MS.

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Náboj kola konverze na 8.4" brzdové kotouče

1.512,00 1.860,00  vč. DPH (-19%)

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