Rozdělovač 998/1100cc pre a+ 45d

2.268,00 2.586,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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Kód produktu: BAU1962

Range of distributors with modern day curves built,programmed and tested for Mini Spares in UK. Beware of cheap China made units that are poorly made- see note at bottom. GEU930 25D 850/early 99812G2140 23D Cooper S non vacBAU1962 45D 998/1098ADU5789 59D 998 A plus12G4180 45D 1275cc with vac, good for modified road tune enginesADU3825 59D 1275 with vac, A Plus good for modified road tuneFor electronic versions add suffix MS- example= ADU5789MSPre A plus-Distributors stecially designed to run on modern day fuels that have extra oxygenates (added pre 1990’s) and current 2015 ethanol levels. For best performance and tune we advise our electronic evolution version C-27H7698 which is UK made and the best available.These non electric are priced to save rebuilds or vac units that no longer give correct ignition timing and best acheivable fuel consumption. These replace 41824A and 41418 plus any 998/1098cc up to the changeover of A plus type distributorsThese new units are PRE A PLUS.The originals were made for 998/1098cc even allegro and Maxi 1500/1750cc from 1974 to 1977 and they work fine on any other year 998/1098cc minis also. For 1275cc even with mild engine tune see 12G4180 or for electronic version for neg earth only 12G4180MS or favourite C-27H7698 DODGY DISTRIBUTORS -made in china available from some vendors We’ve seen distributors with all different curves in the same batch. Base platesthat stick and alter the curves, sometimes jamming in full advance. When testedwe had difficulty getting them to run correctly when using a timing light and wefound that the rotor arm and dog at the bottom of shaft was often out of phaseputting the rotor arm in wrong position in relation to the point at where the sparkfired. We also found rotor arms that were hard up against the carbon bush in thetop of distributor cap causing the cap to burn away in middle.Having tried and tested countless suppliers of imported and British madedistributors we had all ours individually built and tested to prevent costly enginefailures and breakdowns for the following reason – those suppliers were unableto advise what curves were in them – we rarely found them the same in anybatch! Every part, even so-called ‘Mini Spares branded parts’ are being copiedfor financial gain as Minis climb in popularity and value. Unscrupulouscompanies can get parts made cheaply overseas, but they lack the technicalknowledge and precision required to make them correctly

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Rozdělovač 998/1100cc pre a+ 45d

2.268,00 2.586,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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