Svody standard dlouhá výfuková trubka (lcb) maniflow

2.850,00 3.135,00  vč. DPH (-9%)

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Standard bore LCB (1-3/4″id) that is ideal for very hot small bore engines, for standard to high performance 1275s and for street 1380s.There is NOT enough clearance room when fitting to old cars with rubber couplings which foul. Using QL5000 type couplings will help but re=shapinng of manifold is still required in most cases. Alternatively we offer C-AEG362 especially made for cars with driveshaft coupling.The best quality brand production manifold available from Minispares complete with 2 Y piece clamps. The Long Center Branch design has been proven to be the best all-around for our 5 port cylinder heads. Bore diameter being the only other variable. Also it comes with a stiffener bracket to attach to power unit. For the same maifold in stainless steel, see C-AEG365S. For BIG bore LCB see C-AHT289.Also available is a Stage 2 manifold with larger centre pipe for increased engine capacity-see C-AEG376

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    Svody standard millennium lcb, lité příruby

    2.448,00 2.693,00  vč. DPH

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Svody standard dlouhá výfuková trubka (lcb) maniflow

2.850,00 3.135,00  vč. DPH (-9%)

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