Black silicone lower radiator hose all pre 89

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Black Silicon Bottom hose- Unless you’re heavily into the concours scene you’ll love these hoses! These silicone hoses will withstand higher temps and pressures and will last virtually forever! And if you ever had to replace a lower hose you’ll appreciate that last fact. These hoses have been designed to fit any Mini pre 1989 when the heater valve is bolted on the cylinder head. Not the later in line type where the plumbing was all changed. The shape and 2 hose ends lengths were changed to help fitment as follows: a)The top helps the heater hose outlet nozzle clear most known ancilleries but the hose can be cut to suit each application especially when a tappet chest breather is fitted. b)The bottom end is longer to fit all known variations of radiator outlet angles, clear timing cover breathers and vehicles such as clubmans where the radiator was positioned further away from the engine.c) Can be used on HIF38 carb models from 1991 on if you are changing the heater hoses also–one needs to be longer–the heater take off nozzle on the bottom hose is shorter than the originaal HIF38 type. Kevlar bottom Hoses purchased after 2010 carry a 2 year guarantee.

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Black silicone lower radiator hose all pre 89

1.262,00 1.464,00  vč. DPH (-14%)

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