Fast road lower arm bush set

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Kód produktu: C-STR632

Mini Spares product UK made especially for use when geometry has been changed, such as fitting adjustable tie rods or lower arms, or on any cars with corrected castor angles.Set of 4 bushes.These metal sleeved bushes are specially angled to compensate for the newly formed angles of your car geometry when the car is set up properly. These bushes were under development for 2 years and introduced in Nov 2003 because the poly type and previous rubber type were not man enough to give a decent longevity when correct geometry settings are set up. Bushes need the ability to flex when castor/camber angles are changed and therefore these are good upto 3.5 degrees of castor angle or any standard car that ruins other bushes. Although more expensive than poly or standard type these offset type will last much longer as proven by customers feed back.See C-STR631 if you are tarmac racing and require a harder compound. See Dodds diary article about poly bushes.

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Fast road lower arm bush set

472,00 505,00  vč. DPH (-7%)

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