Adjustable ride height cones complete car set

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Kód produktu: C-STR644

Mini Spares suspension kit includes all four adjustable machined alloy trumpets in 6082 T6 hardened alloy plus the two extended rod struts required for the rear. Many people will tell you why you should consider upgrading and using the original classic „Hi/Lo“ suspension, which is made from cast alloy to a special shape to improve handling and gives less transmission of road noise. The best reason for fitting is balance! The total adjustability of ride heights allows you to very accurately balance the corner weight of the car. „It’s easy to change ride heights“ It allows you to compensate for rubber cones that have sagged. These are our own quality budget kits similar to what all our competitors are selling which do not have the same concave shape as true Hilos where the rubber cone sits, and are not as road quiet as the original Hilos, they are also are not homologated or tested by any governing body. These Minispares type are UK precision made to better standards than others offering better adjustment. A good budget replacement for changing ride height and should not be confused with competitors inferior quality material and machining (sloppy threads etc)that are imported. They do not lower as far as the original Hilos which also improved the efficiency of the suspension cone. See part number HILO for the originals.easy to install and adjust! Knuckle joints are NOT included.See C-STR644A for kit with knuckle joints. Like all the non genuine adjustable struts they will corrode .

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Adjustable ride height cones complete car set

2.190,00 2.519,00  vč. DPH (-13%)

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