Road rally rubber cone spring – red spot

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Kód produktu: C-STR687

Genuine Mini Spares product ideal for road use for maximum performance, where other examples available tail off as they get worked and heat up.Hilos will be required to enable fitment as they are taller but this competition rated rubber spring is for use on all Road/ Rally Minis giving a supple smoother compliant ride. Original Dunlop units had patent no 620734. For race use see C-STR688 with yellow spot marking.All Priced individually but must be fitted in axle pairs and usually fitted on the front only for normal road use although many customers now fit them all round. Marked with a red spot on the metal base for identification.The thick top plate has an internal metric thread for strength, rather than a nut welded in place as per the original standard cone springs(A MiniSpares design now copied by many). These uprated springs do not feel much harder or give a harsher ride, but were specially developed specifically to give a more compliant and supple performance by way of careful re-arrangement of the spring rate. Basically, less body roll with a better working rubber cone that does not tail off as quick in spring rate under use . You will need hilos with these as they sit higher and although settle a little, adjustable suspension will be required. Beware of copies on the market as they do not perform the same and not manufactured in the same way.These are manufactured by a company who are involved in Formula 1 and high profile motorsports rubber parts. Under use they get hot and ours retain more consistency than any other on the market as they are specially moulded.Keith Dodd fitted 2 on the front of his twin point car without any sagging or deterioration to date covering over 10 thousand hard road miles using KYB Gas-adjust and AGX fully adjustables which gave the best comfortable rides of anything tested. If using these on 10″ wheels with Hilos you may have to cut 3/4″ off the end of the centre threaded bolt of the old type Hilo with a circlip as it will bottom out on the cone spring face and the car will sit high, for extremely lowered cars the hilo face will also need machining a few mm.Like all rubber products they only have a certain shelf life and being fitted equates to the same.

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Road rally rubber cone spring - red spot

2.083,20 2.250,00  vč. DPH (-7%)

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