Engine half 1310cc a plus type 1992 on

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We have teamed up with Bill Richards Racing to produce a new range of built up short engines ready to drop in. These engines are as fast and as powerful as you can get, whilst still keeping the on road driveability and a reasonable MPG figure. This unit, the 1310cc model with the 1992 – 1996 11/16″ oil transfer pipe, is fitted with our ultimate road camshaft, the EVOLUTION001. The engines have also been offset bored to 73.5mm. New Evolution 9cc dished pistons on matched and balanced A+ connecting rods. The engines are all 9-Stud and come with, oil pump, core plugs, gallery plugs, front plate, duplex timing gear assembly. These units do not come fitted with a timing cover.With one of our MSE4 and FZX3054 twin HS4 carburettors this unit made 114bhp in our white display car on Peter Baldwin’s Rolling Road, with very low hydro carbon emissions making it easy to pass at MOT time. Surcharge or core units must be returned assembled, complete with camshaft, oil pump and timing gear assemblies. You will need to keep your timing cover as new units do not include one. All engines returned must be in serviceable condition, the condition of the taper on the crankshaft must be perfect where the flywheel sits, not pitting or corrosion and no excessive scoring, the crank must be standard and not fitted with undersized bearings. We will not accept an engine block with liners fitted as surcharge, unless the unit purchased was a 1293cc. Parts shown are fully built into engine

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Engine half 1310cc a plus type 1992 on