Suspension knuckle front only 1990 on

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Kód produktu: GSV1264

OEM knuckle joint. These joints are complete with the knuckle, nylon cup and rubber boot. Sold individually.If your suspension has dropped suddenly, or you have a loud squeeking noise during suspension movement, then these knuckles are one of the first things you should check. If left unchecked, the knuckle can wear through the nylon cup, into the suspension arm, and ruin the casting that supports the knuckle joint. Much cheaper than changing arms.This knuckle has a spacer (4.3mm) built into it for use on 1275cc 1989 onwards minis to increase grond clearance. When 12″ wheels wer fitted in 1984 they used a packing washer 21A1845 to increase height but to save suspension height disasters they introduced this new knuckle.

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Suspension knuckle front only 1990 on

910,00  vč. DPH

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