Inertia starter motor outright sale 9 tooth

2.334,00 2.731,00  vč. DPH (-15%)

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Brand new Inertia starter with the correct 9 tooth pinion for all minis up to the fitment of the pre engaged type in 1984/5. Do not fit the 10 tooth starter sold by many as it can ruin the ringear or the bendix. Other leyland cars used 10 teeth such as Sprite, Spitfire and Mini Metro and often get fitted ass they are cheaper but 9 teeth is rarer to buy but is meant for Mini 107 teeth ringearsBrand new units these are sold on an outright basis without having to return your old unit. Perfect for overseas customers or classic car owners wishing to retain their original for rebuild at some stage as the donor units are now becoming very rare as they have not been fitted to production cars for over 20 years. These are closer to the later 35J type. Early cars had 35G starter which had different internals and the body usually had stamping numbers 25071-25075 or 25083 which used GSB102 brush sets.

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    High torque performance inertia starter motor

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Inertia starter motor outright sale 9 tooth

2.334,00 2.731,00  vč. DPH (-15%)

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