Heater hose from heater to bottom hose 5/8″bore

1.004,50 1.125,00  vč. DPH (-11%)

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Kód produktu: JHC10004

Heater hose 5/8″ bore with right angled bend and smaller right angled bend for fitting heater. longest part is 20″ and then 16″ from right angle –then 2″ to heater. This is used on cars with BAU5043 heater matrix which exits on right hand side of heater. This one goes behind back of heater and exits left hand side of cabin to fit bottom hose on all cars with in line heater valve and late cars 1988/90 that still had the heater valve bolted to cylinder head.Correct moulded shape with extra protection on right angled section to enable easy fitting JHC10007 was the same hose but 4″ longer to suit L/H/DNOW OBSOLETE USE GRH905 HOSE SOLD PER METRE

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Heater hose from heater to bottom hose 5/8"bore

1.004,50 1.125,00  vč. DPH (-11%)