1275 +40 high compression piston – single

1.952,00 2.303,00  vč. DPH (-15%)

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Low drag 1275 piston standard size 2.780 plus 40 thou oversize(Rings included).This piston has a possible compression ratio of 10.3:1 as fitted to Cooper RSP 1990.Current pistons differ from the 60s originals and now have a „low drag“ slipper skirt design and a shorter lighter 20.6mm wrist pin. Wrist pin height is 1.5276″ to crown with a top dish of 8cc. Performance is enhanced by the use of 3mm oil rings and the smaller drain slot behind this ring decreases the risk of breakage and 2 of 1.5 mm compression rings. Crown depth to first ring is about 10mm.Rings are R41570-40.AE Hepolite is now owned by Federal Mogul and trademarked „Nural“.Now Nural stamped 87-524111-00Sold singly,4 per engine required–equivalent type was Rover piston TAM2050 stamped AE21963 as fitted to 1990 Cooper 1275 engines.

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1275 +40 high compression piston - single

1.952,00 2.303,00  vč. DPH (-15%)

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