Door moulding outer with seal l/h

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Kód produktu: PAM1015

Genuine Mini Spares mouldings product as supplied to Rover parts division.L/H outer brightwork trim with the seal attached to stop water seeping down into the door frame, on all cars with wind up windows from about 1980 on, these are the later type with the black protection ends fitted as a safety requirement on new cars. The original all chrome type as fitted to the Cooper S MK3 and many MK3s which some believe look better are cheaper and direct replacements. The early type mouldings are available as CZH1666 and CZH1667. The clips for either type are sold seperate as ADH3809.5 required.A pair of outer mouldings and clips are available in a super money saving kit MSSK2103or full car kit of inners and outersMSSK2102.These outer mouldings are all interchangeable depending on taste but CZH1666/7 look better when using upper door moulding MS68.

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Door moulding outer with seal l/h

608,00 736,00  vč. DPH (-17%)

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