Twin box rc40 exhaust

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Mini Spares genuine RC40 system has justifiably earned the reputation of the best exhaust ever made for the Mini. Typically used with an LCB manifold it gives great performance with a mellow sound. 1.75″ OD pipe, resonator & silencer („two-box“ system). Side exit. For mounting see RC40FK. Note, when fitted in conjunction with an LCB header, C-AEG365 you will require RC40-002 short pipe or alternatively cut the front kink off the RC40-001 pipe(from 5″-8″) that is made for the freeflow manifold C-STR816. When properly installed, the system will fit up nicely into the tunnel and will not drag over bumps. A link pipe LDP1 is available to fit this larger bore twin box with downpipe RC40-002when fitting to original exhaust manifolds on 998cc etc without using a freeflow or LCB type exhaust manifold.These have been fitted to Van/Estate with either a Freeflow or LCB manifold using the AN180V downpipe and cutting to gain the extra 3″ required in length and then fitting a long tailpipe trim RC40-005 to the rear silencer box. You must match the system up before cutting the downpipe.As an alterrnative Minispares manufacture an an extended downpipe RC40-004to use with single RC40 silencerC-STR809 and a tailpipe extension RC40-005 for both applications.

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Twin box rc40 exhaust

1.836,00 2.111,00  vč. DPH (-13%)

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