Sportovní domeček olejového filtru pro použití 88G402

2.506,00 2.982,00  vč. DPH (-16%)

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Spin on oil filter housing for performance engines-uses 88G402 gasket-made out of billet alloy it has a strong mating face to the block where oil leakage occurs from high revving engine vibrations, is slightly shorter offering more clearance and has the bypass valve omitted for increased safety. Looks great as well but should be used with our braided hose kit for safety. Can be used as a direct replacement for TAM2097 which was for pre 12A engine blocks.If an oil temp take off is required see12A2032EVO–Pre 1992 engines have 5/8″ block union and 1/4″ npt thread for the filter head12A engines from 1992 on have 11/16″UNF block and filter head This filter head has a 1/4NPT thread which is basically a half inch hole restricting down to a 3/8″ size hole. Uses 88G402 gasket not the later one.These do not have the mischievous pressure release valve ball that ensured flow to crank bearings if the filter became clogged. As it opertaed at 7psi it was not much use in mini engines that idles at 20psi and above which allowed unfiltered oil to trickle back in which is why many engine tuners blanked it off knowing that everybody now changes oil and filters regularly as the car is so valuable. See LPX10026RACE for larger 11/16″ oil hole housing as used on later 12A engines which uses MOC1018 braided pipe hose

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Sportovní domeček olejového filtru pro použití 88G402

2.506,00 2.982,00  vč. DPH (-16%)

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