Kola Rose Petal – 4.75″ x 10″ černé/stříbrné

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Genuine Mini Spares rose petal from our own tooling for race quality use,“Rose Petal“ 4.75″ x 10″ matt black alloy“-A faithful reproduction of the classic 1960’s wheel produced in conjunction with Swiftune on our own tooling using top specification compound materials and heat treatment for FIA Historic race use. Very suitable for road cars when fitted with the spacers supplied and also allows our 4 pot calipers to be fitted. BEWARE there is a cheaper copy version on sale made after our wheel was introduced but did not fit correctly to the Historic racers and not a very good track record when used, or damaged-it was a shiny black wheel but now a similar colour as ours.Made with the correct offset for Cooper S disc brakes and supplied with the correct open-ended nuts and washers made in stainless steel for longevity and appearance. Need to be checked for clearance on the caliper bleed nipples when used on Historics Racers only, but perfect when using the supplied spacer.Finished in Satin Black with Silver centre and outer rim as original. Our wheel is the type currently being used by Historic race cars.Each wheel is supplied with a wheel spacer and 2 sets of stainless wheel nuts, for use with or without spacer.When using without spacers as per FIA cars the disc and caliper will have to be modified slightly.Bare wheel weighs 2.98kgET+40

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Kola Rose Petal - 4.75" x 10" černé/stříbrné

5.272,00 5.694,00  vč. DPH (-7%)

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