Elektronický rozdělovač evolution pro 276 vačky

3.240,00 3.920,00  vč. DPH (-17%)

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A Plus Electronic Ignition distributor with vac unit, modified to our spec in UK to give best performance on any minis with std to 276 camshaft profile. Ideal for our EVOLUTION001 camshaftBrand New distributor complete with electronic conversion already fitted.A PLUS ONLY- IDEAL if contemplating a mild camshaft change at later date.Having tried and tested all the new suppliers of the imported but british built distributors we now have ours all individually built and tested for the following reasons-They are unable to advise what curves they have in them as we rarely found them the same.The base plate would stick and alter the curves sometimes jamming in full advance.Dificult to get them to run correctly when using a timing light.The rotor arm and dog at bottom of shaft often found out of phase and so rotor arm in wrong position in relation to the point at where the spark fired so timing way out.Rotor arm hard up against the carbon bush in top of distributor cap causing the cap to burn away in middle. Pay a little more for Mini Spares quality and peace of mind.Should be used with GCL143 coil.Replacement service items for this are:Cap GDC136Rotor arm GRA2114Distributor drive spindle if required is 12G3560 Distributor clamp plate is TAM1671Bolt for clamp is TAM1706

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Elektronický rozdělovač evolution pro 276 vačky

3.240,00 3.920,00  vč. DPH (-17%)

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