Pružiny ventilů zdvih 13mm

1.038,00 1.204,00  vč. DPH (-14%)

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Kód produktu: C-AEA526

Modern high lift, short duration camshafts have posed quite a few problems for the general public in recent years. Widely available performance valve springs were outdated overnight, as it became necessary to reduce spring crush. This, in turn, caused low valve seat pressures creating valve float at high rpm. Mini Spares has massively simplified these problems by introducing a small range of springs that covers any engine size twin valve spring models dependent on camshaft used. Manufactured from super quality silicone wire imported from Switzerland, their resistance against fading and breaking is extremely high. They are also designed to take standard type top caps. They can be fitted directly to the head with no fear of spring crush. 200lb Dual springs for use up to 8000 rpm and 515 thou lift. The standard fitted length of springs is 1.375″. Spacer shims are available to increase valve seat poundage and overall spring rate. If the spring or valve seats in the head have already been machined, it will be necessary to re-shim to the correct fitted length. Developed by Minispares technical department and used in all our own performance road cylinder heads.The bottom collars for the inner springs are No Longer Required when using our C-AEA526 and C-AEA527 range of silicone wire springs as they are a slight interferance fit and friction damped.

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Pružiny ventilů zdvih 13mm

1.038,00 1.204,00  vč. DPH (-14%)

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