Olejová pumpa 1275 slot pohon evolution

4.050,00 4.617,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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Kód produktu: C-AEG412

Competition Slot drive pump for 1300cc A-Plus engines.Almost all oil pumps available today have the same design capacity. The problem is the lack of precise manufacturing. Most factories in their quest for production volume have sacrificed precision. Our special pumps are CNC machined from alloy billets with sintered internals assembled to very exacting standards. These close tolerance pumps produce consistently high oil pressure even at high RPMs (10L/min at 1000RPM).So finely engineered that there is less oil drag on the pump giving potential for higher BHP. Internal parts are available as spares to requirements.Note: almost every camshaft is now the “slot” type. If you are fitting a new 1275cc camshaft this is probably the pump you want. Alway check the fixing bolt length because if they are even slightly to long the pump will never seal against the gasket and block causing oil drain down.Please note ‘S’ blocks will need drilling and tapping to fit this pump as not all the holes in the pump will line up correctly. you must drill and tap the block so that all four holes in the pump are used.

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Olejová pumpa 1275 slot pohon evolution

4.050,00 4.617,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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