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The Long Center Branch exhaust manifold design has long been recognized as the best option for high performance. Our “Big Bore” special makes it a must for all serious performance hungry drivers. The big bore designation does not imply engine application but rather the 2″ diameter of the manifold pipe outlet!Maniflow’s LCB exhaust header is ideally suited for Spridgets with hot street to mild race 1275s with cams of up to 300 degree duration. It is well suited for street, autocross, and vintage race applications. It has 1 5/8″ downpipes and 1 7/8″id outlet at the collector. Many years of research and development have been spent on what on the surface is only a necessary evil! Getting the exhaust out of the engine would seem simple enough but modern technology and manufacturing has made it a real science. The LCB (Long Center Branch) header (exhaust manifold) has been developed to the point that an actual improvement in performance can be achieved by it’s use. Our “Maniflow” manufactured headers are the most cost effective high performance header available today! They not only fit well and add performance but also are long lasting! Ease of fitting and high production quality combined with maximum flow for power make the Maniflow exhaust manifolds (tubular steel headers) an unbeatable value. Special attention is paid to all joints and welds to obtain required backpressure and exhaust gas flow. NOTE: All road exhaust manifolds come with a manifold-to-gearbox steady bracket; this MUST be fitted, otherwise premature breakage will occur due to engine rock. Not fitting this bracket will invalidate limited warranty.

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Svody sprite velký brus lcb lm033 pouze na objednávku

10.148,00 12.178,00  vč. DPH (-17%)

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