Cylinder head 8 port arden built up plus push rods

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The original Special Tuning head 8 port head by Jim Whitehouse is the ULTIMATE Push rod head for the “A”Series but is NOT A STRAIGHT BOLT ON PART.It is supplied fully assembled with springs/top caps,Evo collets and utilizes the original size 35.6 inlet and 30.5mm exhaust valves and will handle cam lifts up to .500” Annealed before machining for durability and strength and pressure tested after build before sold.Also in this kit is a set of correct length (.220″longer) push rods C-AEG583, manifold gasket C-AHT380 plus all the head studs. Block stud kit C-AHT282 is not included but available seperately Standard S con rods Number 2 and 4 usually need modification for clearance owing to cam lobe configuration. Con rods ready to fit are available as AEG625.Special 8 port cams with different cam lobe configurations are required. Special exhaust manifold C-AHT343 is also required. Combustion chamber is approx 21cc to suit sensible compression ratios on big bore engines and from Januly 2012 the revamped head uses stepped guides which retain the valve spring platform as per all modern day race heads.A special set of 8 port hi-lift roller rockers in correct sequence and spacings are also available as C-AHT448 for this new head as valve centres to push rod holes have been moved.A fully programmable injection management kit is available as C-AJJ4065A super large 37mm inlet valve head for special uses and large bore engines is available as C-AJJ4064RACE.Head Gasket GEG300,BK450 or C-AHT189 cometic type must be usedcylinder head nut torque setting is 50ftlbsHomologated for Cooper S but not 1275GT as it was overlooked by error and only the iron head was homologated for the 1275GT

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Cylinder head 8 port arden built up plus push rods