Kit na 8 port. Vstřikování Plně programovatelná jednotka

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Kód produktu: C-AJJ4065

Brand new fully programmable injection kit for the 8 port head contains-ECU and bespoke loom, crank sensor and mounting kit, air and water temp senders ,air filter and base, high pressure fuel pump, fuel filter and a regualtor,throttle potentiometer, coil pack, injectors and Magnecor plug leads. Being a fully programmable kit, this will need dyno tuning and mapping correctly by a specialist. They are not pre programmed and are designed to fit our latest 2012 on heads. Earlier pre 2012 heads have the port locations slightly different and require small modificationECU MAKE IS A DTAcylinder head intake diameter is 31mmair intake end inside diameter is 40mmair intake end outside diameter is 55mmlength of throttle body is 125mm

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Kit na 8 port. Vstřikování Plně programovatelná jednotka