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Minispares own UK manufactured product with original shape mini header tank, now with drain plug in lower tank which doubles up to also accept the screw in type sensor for later cars. It has about 20 fins/ gills per inch with 2 tubes in the core and is the better cooling V shape finsEspecially for more powerful and hotter running engines. Developed using the latest technology and design for increasing air flow, utilizing just two rows of very large tubes and V shaped gills. Not only is this radiator much lighter and narrower than the 4 core, it performs better than the old 4-core but the the fins/cores can be prone to blockage/damage by a heavy deluge of mud or muck and is not ideal for grasstrack or autocross use and we recommend using C-ARA4444 the 4-core instead. May require minor modfications to screw holes in the 2-piece radiator shroud as fitted to Mk I/II. The 2 piece radiator cowling fitted pre 1975 is available as ARA2770 for the Cooper and „S“ and ARA2769 non Cooper The fan blade shown is the all metal fan for hot countries and can be ordered separately as 2A998 –From 1980 all factory fitted radiators were to the old Cooper S spec of 3 rows of cores and 16 gills per inch to cope with the hotter running engines but these have been replaced by modern technology. Not suitable for 1976 Australian built Minis, where the outlet was at the rear of the radiator. For very hot countries or certain conditions we also keep the fabricated aluminum 2 core radiator C-ARA5000 but it is better to fit an electric fan kit which will keep most road cars oil and water temperatures at desired levels.Also reduce the anti freeze to about 25% or less in summer-remember anti freeze absorbs heat at about half the amount of water. .If you have the radiator out it makes sence to change to an evolution type lightweight water pump GWP134EVO or GWP187EVOwith 3 year warranty and a new fan belt of course

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Závodní 2 jádrový chladič

5.056,00 5.511,00  vč. DPH (-8%)

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