Speciální chladič 4 jádra

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Known as“4-Core“ Radiator, because it has 4 offset tubes in the core it is the only real „4-core“ radiator available today manufactured in the UK since 1978 for MiniSpares with original top header tank shape. Our design has been proven to be the best 4-bore at cooling. Others abroad have tried to copy but none work as well as the „real“ thing. 14 flat fins which do not clog up as much as V shape fins this has the largest total bore area and water capacity of all our radiators.May require minor modifications to 2-piece radiator shroud to fit to Mk I/II. From 1980 all factory fitted radiators were to the old Cooper S spec of 3 rows of cores and 16 gills per inch to cope with the hotter running engines. However the basic problem is the lack of water capacity and all the late minis have 5/8″ bore heater hoses as opposed to the old 1/2″ bore.Not suitable for 1976 Australian built Minis, where the outlet was at the rear of the radiator but still a firm favourite and re-plumbed to fit in any hot country.Might foul inner wing at front on some post 1990 1275cc cars as the engine is 1/2″ further forward (depends on engine and subframe mountings)For a four core with blanking plug please see C-ARA4444B

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Speciální chladič 4 jádra

4.732,00 5.394,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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