Dvojité hs4 karburátory (1.5″)

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Pair of new 1.5″ SUs, with rod linkage, but no heatshield, fuelpipe or manifold; just what you want if you’ve got a pair of old tired carbs. You will need a 12H889 T piece or 12G292 link pipe to run the fuel system if your original carbs had the twin inlet/outlet on one float bowl lid. Twin HS4 SU carbs have been the most popular performance tune for the A series fuel system since the early Monte Carlo rally days. There is no question about the performance potential of this set-up but old worn out carbs can have very disappointing results. Twin carbs on a good manifold with quality air cleaners easily fit under the bonnet of the Mini or Spridget and could perform as well as the highly touted side draft Weber! see also C-AUD641 for HS6 1.750″ carbs

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Dvojité hs4 karburátory (1.5")