Late mini winged badge with green logo

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„MINI“ stick on wing type badge which was originally made for the rear but fits the bonnet also, does not have any fixing lugs but just sticks on. With origianl colour and shaped green centre logo,unlike others being offered on the market. As fitted to cars from 1996-2000.Vehicle centre caps and winged bonnet badge emblems chart from 1990 on-Mini Spares has a legal agreement with BMW to sell any badge/sticker for Classic mini only.If a higher quality insert is required you can use part number BADGE0003 which is a gel insert rather than a sticker.Black plastic cap Sticker 50mm ModelNAM9105PMD STICKER23 Monte Carlo,Mini 35SE as original NAM9105PMD STICKER21 Mini with wreath type mini cooper emblem-optionWheel cap Logo 42mm Wing type Bonnet badge with Logo includedDTC100680MNH BADGE0003 DAH100590MMM Green „MINI“ Logo DTC100690MNH BADGE0002 DAH10036 Red „Mini Cooper“in green wreath

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  • 454,00 549,00  vč. DPH

    Chrome cooper wing badge 1990-1996

    454,00 549,00  vč. DPH

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Late mini winged badge with green logo

454,00 518,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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