Idler gear shim .138/.139″ (blue)

705,60 840,00  vč. DPH (-16%)

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Kód produktu: DAM4825

These are the later A+ type spec which rover superseded to when upgrading the idler gear material on injection cars. See the idler gear in all Mini power units must be set with great care. The thrust washer comes in various thickness to allow for accurate setup. See workshop manual.Quantity required is 2 per gearbox but the idler gear requires shimming for correct clearance 3-6 thou as per workshop manuals but 3 thou for road and 4 thou for race is found to be reliable, sold individually, see the followingDAM4822132-133″DAM4823134-135″DAM4824136-137″[link]DAM4825[/link}138-139″

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  • 705,60 776,00  vč. DPH

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Idler gear shim .138/.139" (blue)

705,60 840,00  vč. DPH (-16%)

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