Headlamp rim 1997 on (retaining screw repositioned)

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Kód produktu: DHF100060

Genuine Headlamp rim less top dimple fitted to late cars from about 1996 on.The type with a dimple on top is NLA and this was Rovers replacement which is expensive so see our 500929MS or 17H5143 for better options and both fit perfectly. The dimple type was dropped By Rover.The difference was the the screw locating hole at the bottom was in a different position and the black dimple type was relocated to be at the top.Some models did not have the black dimple and were plain exactly as this item.Owing to the expense of these rims we advise fitting our 2 alternatives. On Keith Dodd’s twin point we fitted the 500929MS which looks better and is what Minispares recommend. All headlamp rims are supplied and priced as a single item, please order 2 for a pair.

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Headlamp rim 1997 on (retaining screw repositioned)

552,00 618,00  vč. DPH (-11%)

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