Bumper stainless steel wrap around ends

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Kód produktu: DPB10166

Genuine Mini Spares manufactured bumper from our own tooling that fits perfectly as per original ROVER bumpers. Better than the last genuine bumpers produced for Rover which is why we laid down tooling – BEWARE – most others available in stainless are poor fitting–Although many look the correct shape they will only fit the front with manipulation, but are very difficult to fit on the rear as they are kinked. This has rolled over ends for safety critical homologation(1996)and also allows extra clearance on fitment to the sportspack arches.The rolled over ends were never perfect and always slightly rippled.These are made in Automotive stainless steel material which bends easier than the originals that were in pure hard s/steel which gave problems in manufacture causing their demise. Made in 430 Automotive stainless they still require washing and cleaning regularly owing to the positions where they are situated on the mini. Fitted with fixing bolts but no nuts as per Rover.Better than the last Genuine stainless steel originals these are to the quality Pianoforte reached when first supplying Rover with the open ended bumper DPB10165 which replaced the steel chromed version. Pianoforte had tooling problems making GENUINE bumpers difficult to fit, so Minispares have come to the rescue again taking 2 years to get it perfect in looks and fitting with the curled end edges made less dangerous than the originals.Please note that most car parts are made in automotive 430 stainless which is magnetic as opposed to pure stainless which is not magnetic.The same bumper with holes for the deluxe corner bars and overiders is available as 14A9871Best finished bumper in the market place.

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Bumper stainless steel wrap around ends

2.312,00 2.428,00  vč. DPH (-5%)

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