Camshaft 998cc-1380cc a plus fast road/ best tested to date

3.422,00 4.243,00  vč. DPH (-19%)

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Kód produktu: EVOLUTION001

Genuine Mini Spares camshaft,great for all road uses- A Plus slot drive only.Valve clearance should be 0.014″ on inlet and 0.016″ exhaust. LCA 107 degreeDURATION INLET 264 EXHAUST 268, LIFT INLET 264 EXHAUST 289. This camshaft does not really need 1.5 rockers as the lifts are good.If you have 1.5 rockers see optionEVOLUTION002. Mini Spares and many leading engine tuners in USA have used this camshaft in their engines for over 15 years-and found nothing better-it is fitted to our half engines ENG001/002/003 because of its great useful torque range and economy. Good for all 1275-1380Also very low on carbon emmissions for that all important MOT. Ok in 998cc upwards but depending on tune might have slightly lumpy, erratic tickover. See Miniworld November edition 2014 page 60 where Simon at Mini Spares done a camshaft swap thinking this was close to an old AEG510 but modern design. This it was not but he was delighted with the extra performance and smoothness. Both Noah 1293cc with 102bhp and Justin at Mini Spares 1380 with 127bhp have these cams in their minis.SEAT DURATION ON INLET 257 AND EX 252CAM LIFT IN 264 EX 289VALVE LIFT IN 327 EX 358 STDVALVE LIFT IN 393 EX 430 1.5 LIFTshould be timed in at 107 degrees as optimum, NO NEED FOR HI LIFT ROCKERS Manufactured from new blanks, so soold as an outright sale no exchange required.

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Camshaft 998cc-1380cc a plus fast road/ best tested to date

3.422,00 4.243,00  vč. DPH (-19%)

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