Clutch kit 190mm plate 1990 onwards

3.760,00 4.286,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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Kód produktu: GCK152MS

3 piece Injection Clutch with the larger 190mm wide for 1990 on and all injection cars, but it can be used on earlier non injection Verto type engines only if the flywheel is 100% PERFECT WITHOUT WEAR. Check nothing fouls when bolting up in case of mismatches. Buy the best as we have tried the rest.Non injection cars do not need the clutch trigger alignment correct to work but Injection cars do require the correct assembly. Use your original centre boss to ensure correct pick up point positions. The centre boss is available as DAM5921. Clutch kits should be re-balanced to the flywheel assembly as originally done on production. This is because the verto pressure was a heavier item and the main mass rather than the flywheel as on earlier diaphragm models. This was recognised as a small design fault but easily overcome by balancing which is why Rover originally supplied complete balanced Verto assemblies as repacement parts.Do not forget to change the AAU2866 seal for the clutch release bearing to plunger. If you are looking for an upgrade clutch see C-AEG485 pressure plate and your choice of plate.

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Clutch kit 190mm plate 1990 onwards

3.760,00 4.286,00  vč. DPH (-12%)

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