Hub kit latest modified rear (xn134031 aug96 on)

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As fitted to MPI from 1996 on with an extra O ring. The O ring goes between the first bearing and backplate on stub axle. Rear tapered roller wheel bearing kit, for one wheel. All post 1985 cars and the Mini Cooper S were equipped with very heavy duty tapered roller wheel bearings, these can be used on any Mini. Kit includes inner and outer bearings with spacer plus seals. If you are into preventative maintenance, then the tapered bearings are much easier to remove and re-pack than the ball bearing type. Stronger design, plus easy maintenance means they will last longer than the rest of the car.These are the later type with an improved taper bearing roller for use on larger wheels with a better O ring sealing qualitiy, introduced by Rover as a warranty buletin upgrade on minis with 13″ wheels.O RING GOES BETWEEN FIRST BEARING AND BACKPLATE ON STUB AXLE, radius arms have a recess for the seal.Supercedes from GHK1548Also fits some Metros.

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    Hub kit rear inc seals (non genuine)

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Hub kit latest modified rear (xn134031 aug96 on)

1.620,00 1.847,00  vč. DPH (-12%)