Speedo cable 1990on (42.5″)r/h/d

655,20 714,00  vč. DPH (-8%)

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Kód produktu: GSD487

This is not the longest of the speedo cables made to fit the 2 or 3 cluster clocks mounted in front of the driver.Fited as standard from 1990 on cars . the L/H/D equivalent only used a short 29″ long cable GSD488.Pre 1990 cars were fitted with a 48″ cable GSD415 except early clubmans which had 33″ cable GSD102.This will replaces the 2 piece cable setup used on some twin point injection (mpi) minis. Rover production line used 2 piece cable for ease of fitment – GSD545 and GSD546 when car was in production, which both are now obselete.

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Speedo cable 1990on (42.5")r/h/d

655,20 714,00  vč. DPH (-8%)

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