Genuine verto clutch slave cylinder

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Kód produktu: GSY118

Genuine AP from original tooling. The latest model Minis have a different design clutch and thus a unique slave cylinder. The cylinder mounts more vertical than horizontal and even looks a little strange. The Mini clutch slave cylinder is a vital link in the proper operation of the Mini clutch. The master cylinder feeds the slave cylinder to exert the mechanical pressure to dis-engage the clutch. The simple sounding process is only complicated by a worn cylinder. As the wear continues it first will probably bypass, this will mean that the clutch will not stay dis-engaged when holding the pedal down. The next more obvious sign is when you see actual fluid leaking. The slave cylinders are easy to replace.Check the metal bracket DAM5992 supporting the slave for cracks.Repair kit is GRK4001.

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    Verto clutch slave cylinder

    1.038,00 1.121,00  vč. DPH

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Genuine verto clutch slave cylinder

1.456,00 1.602,00  vč. DPH (-9%)