Multigrade classic oil 20w50 5ltr

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Mini Spares produced 20w50 mineral oil-everbody loves this great value oilMini Spares own branded oil with a high amount of Zinc/ZDDP (1300ppm) compared to Castrol equivalent 800PPM- this oil is as close as we could get to the oil that BMC/Leyland recommended to overcome heavy oil consumption on Minis during the 1960’s period of warranty problems. Originally in a class of its own, maintaining viscosity and reducing oil leaks that started to plague the mini BMC recommended Duckhams Q20-50 in late 1964 for some of their range even though castrol had sponsered BMC for the Winning Monte Carlo minis in 1964 up to 1966.This Mini Spares oil has good mixing qualities with other oils and has a good low detergent cleaning chemical base, to help protect small gearbox roller bearings and layshafts from abrasive wear.We even have a customer who uses this oil in his Historic racing mini and changes it with the filter after every race, helping to preserve his engine and gearbox.

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Multigrade classic oil 20w50 5ltr

610,00 671,00  vč. DPH (-9%)

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