Stainless steel 10″ wiper blade

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Minispares own less drag 10″ wiper blades as originally fitted 1959-1996, only fit original type wiper arms 13H5629 and 13H5626.These super new less drag wiper blades are also available to fit our special upgraded arms that do not lift on motorway speeds-see GWB220 . The thicker upgraded arms for GWB220 are 13H5630 and 13H5627See also in black-MPI type arm and Super Bosch blade-ARM DKB101480 BLADE GWB911These are a flat type blade and frame that work–Trico used a curved blade and frame whereas Tex and Bosch used a flat blade.Mini Spares has been monitoring and testing every known wiper blade in the market for over 4 years now and proud to be able to provide this item to our highly required standards.sold singly,2 car required.The best quality stainles wiper blades on the market.

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Stainless steel 10" wiper blade

241,50 261,00  vč. DPH (-7%)

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