Petrol cap with aston look for pre ’96 cars

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Originální díly pro vozy Mini

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Kód produktu: SP227

Top quality overcap only accepts the genuine locking capsWLD100660 or GSS154A that were originally fitted standard by RoverThis cap fixes to the petrol tank neck so that the genuine locking cap fits snuggly inside so that both pieces cannot be stolen. Ultra easy to install and looks fantastic. Large 3.5″ face! Designed to look expensive, this ’60s style cap features a flip-up top that uncovers a locking gas cap. The whole unit installs and opens as easy as a locking gas cap. Does Not fit Twin Points as the neck is too short on the tank. The slimmer mpi seal WGG100010) has helped fitting in a few cases but not guaranteed.PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE OVERCAP ONLY AND NEEDS A SEPERATE GENUINE LOCKING CAP.

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    Petrol cap alloy aston style 3″ petrol cap

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Petrol cap with aston look for pre '96 cars

714,00 793,00  vč. DPH (-10%)

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