Con rod journal set std 1.625″ 998/“s“

3.948,00 4.461,00  vč. DPH (-11%)

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Mahle RACE quality std size shells as used by competition engine builders.For 1.625″ big ends on 998 and Cooper S.RACE quality bearing set being made at the Mahle Motorsport Race Bearing Division Vandervell F1 plant in the UK. This is an upgraded bearing compared to the original Vandervell products sold from 1950 through the 1960s. These bearings are manufactured with a higher grade hardened steel backing, and proprietary cast bronze substrate and lead/indium overlay. Easy to identify by it’s laser etching rather than stamping, which prevents shell distortion and significantly improves heat transfer. Bearing tolerances are held to the highest standards in the industry such as Formula 1. With a race application load rating of 14,500 psi, and superior conformability and fatigue resistance, these race bearings are unsurpassed, engineered from better material and manufactured to higher standards in a dedicated race bearing plant. If you want the best bearings available the Mahle Motorsport Race Bearing VP2C Engine Bearings should be your race bearing of choice!

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Con rod journal set std 1.625" 998/"s"

3.948,00 4.461,00  vč. DPH (-11%)