3 jádrový chladič do roku 1992

2.398,00 2.926,00  vč. DPH (-18%)

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Kód produktu: ARP2000

Standard Mini radiator with 3 offset tubes in the core. Metric thread fixings.See ARP1106 for 3 inline bore super coool rad as used by some Historic racers(although many still prefer our C-ARA4442 2 core). Never run your engine too cool.We sell hundreds of the super 2-core and 4-core radiators, but that may be more cooling power than you need. If you have a standard Mini and live in a cool climate this well made cupro-brazed 3-core type with 9 core fins/gills per inch may be more than adequate and definitely better than your old rusted or clogged one.It is always favourite to fit an electric fan to help cooling in our changing environment of weather and traffic queues rather than fit a radiator that will over ccol.. From 1980 all factory fitted radiators were to the old Cooper S spec of 3 rows of cores and 16 gills per inch to cope with the hotter running engines but radiator designs have changed a lot. However the basic problem is the lack of water capacity and all the late minis have 5/8″ bore heater hoses as opposed to the old 1/2″ bore which helps. Now different core designs and fins as on this radiator have helped to cool better than the old original designs.Not suitable for 1976 Australian built Minis, where the outlet was at the rear of the radiator.Minispares plus others have stocked this radiator for 10-15 years and it has proven extra reliable.If you have the radiator out it makes sence to change to an evolution type lightweight water pump GWP134EVO or GWP187EVO with 3 year warranty and new fan belt of course.This is a Cuprobraze 3 tube modern design version with 9 gills/fins per inch. Cuprobraze is the latest use of brazing in place of traditional soldering to join copper and brass components of radiators which can also use alloys that are stronger than conventional lead-tin solders. Brazed joints are stronger than soldered types which can allow for thinner metal to be used than that for usual copper/brass rads. This improvement led to a further advantage in that cross sections gave higher heat transfer as well as being potentially stronger, lighter, more efficient and potentially smaller. The main benefit is a cheaper to produce better product.

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    Závodní 2 jádrový chladič

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3 jádrový chladič do roku 1992

2.398,00 2.926,00  vč. DPH (-18%)

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