Hilo full front and rear car set

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Full Hilo Front and Rear Car set. Many people will tell you why you should consider upgrading to the original classic „Hi/Lo“ suspension so I should not be bashful in giving my opinion! The best reason is they are the only RAC homologated set available which gives safety issues „a peace of mind“ The adjustablility of ride heights allows you to very accurately balance the corner weight of the car. This is very important if precise handling is your objective! „It’s easy to change ride heights““It was designed years ago for Special Tuning rally programme““It allows you to compensate for sagged rubber cones“ correcting ride heightsThe shape of the trumpet against the cone spring helps improve handling If you need the car even lower,dispence with the locking nut which was never on the originals and check length or shorten main adjuster bolt and/or remove circlip.Hexagon adjusting rods are available seperately for the original method ofeasier adjustment, except front 1976 on where the larger subframe turret boltwas fitted hence why Keith Dodd initiated the change to spanner adjustable. The Hilo also lowers more than the budget sets available! neither does it corode and seize up like alL metal type.This alloy type is also claimed to be slightly quieter in transmitting road noise.For just a pair of Hilo cones see HILOBMC worksop manual gives ground clearance as 6.15625″(15.63cm) on 10″wheels1275gt on 10″wheels is 6″ and on 12″ wheels 6.5″

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Hilo full front and rear car set

3.414,00 3.960,00  vč. DPH (-14%)

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